Key technology for biotechnology process development.

Fermentation experts

Fermentation is a key technology for the development of biotechnological processes.
Bict has a strong expertise in fermentation and can develop and optimize multiple processes in different production areas.
The processes developed involve both Batch and Fed-batch technologies and can be applied to bacteria, yeast and fungi in a pathway starting from laboratory screening to scale-up in fermenters.

Tailored industrial approach

Bict will accompany you in the development of a fermentation process tailored to your specific needs addressing all key parameters, from the raw materials used for the culture medium to the plant requirements used in production.

Having an industrial approach, process development is conducted with a view to scale and considers all factors necessary for industrialization.

Our fermentation development service

  • Culture medium optimization
  • Multifactorial surface response matrix screening
  • Study of induction systems and cellular metabolisms
  • Batch and Fed-Batch fermentation development
  • High density fermentations with oxygen-enriched air
  • Optimization of critical fermenter parameters (temperature, pH, dO2, acid, base, feeding and inducing solutions)
  • Scale-up of the fermentation process
  • Technology transfer
  • Process validation and standardization
  • Determination of process cost and production yield

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    Development of innovative industrial processes enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic
    Fermentation development
    Enzyme immobilization
    Downstream Development
    Strain development
    Bioconversion development
    Heterologous expression
    Mutagenesis and evolution of strains and enzymes
    Analytical method development