Microorganisms are the future

Microorganisms have always been used for different applications and nowadays they are a very important resource within many industrial sectors.

Industrial microbiology

Bict has a wide expertise in microbiology and can improve microorganisms both in terms of biomass yield and in terms of related product, both endocellular and exocellular.

The activities performed can evolve both natural and recombinant strains and are carried out with the most modern technologies on different operational scales (microplates, Erlenmeyer flasks and fermenters).
Bict has experience in the manipulation of various microorganisms: bacteria, from E. coli to the most complex actinomycetes, yeasts and filamentous fungi.

Experience in the various operative phases

  • isolation of microorganisms from complex matrices
  • phenotypic and genotypic characterization of strains
  • strain improvement (biomass and product productivity increase)
  • screening and optimization of growth conditions
  • development of scale-up and technology transfer
  • microbiological and chemical-physical analysis
  • definition of strain storage conditions

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    Development of innovative industrial processes enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic
    Fermentation development
    Enzyme immobilization
    Downstream Development
    Strain development
    Bioconversion development
    Heterologous expression
    Mutagenesis and evolution of strains and enzymes
    Analytical method development