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Product purification as a fundamental step of development

Downstream, a process in which the substance of interest is separated and purified from the reaction medium, is a fundamental and often crucial step in obtaining the desired product.

To achieve this, it is very often necessary to develop an ad hoc purification method, which allows to obtain a molecule with certain parameters and a defined purity profile.

Bict can develop and optimize entire purification processes, or parts of it, using the most suitable technologies, from dead-end or tangential filtrations up to the most diverse chromatography: ion exchange, gel-filtration, hydrophobic interaction, mixed mode, affinity and reversed phase, with the most suitable stationary phases for each specific application.

In the specific case of chromatography, BiCT can simultaneously develop the process and support in the supply on industrial production scale.

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    Development of innovative industrial processes enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic
    Fermentation development
    Enzyme immobilization
    Downstream Development
    Strain development
    Bioconversion development
    Heterologous expression
    Mutagenesis and evolution of strains and enzymes
    Analytical method development