Many years of experience and creativity build the expression strategy to meet your goals

Based on the characteristics of the protein and your specific needs, we will carry out the development of the vector and recombinant strain, identifying the best expression system for your application.

Heterologous expression in E.coli

The bacterial expression system represents the most widely used and cheapest resource for obtaining heterologous proteins. Bict is able to offer a fast and economical feasibility service for protein production, initially for research quantities for activity and selectivity screening and subsequently for scale-up and technology transfer steps.

Given the industrial nature of our research, we also offer a service for strain improvement and optimization of fermentation and purification conditions to achieve production targets according to your needs, building a pathway to industrial scale transfer of the process.

Heterologous expression in yeast and fungi (Pichia, Aspergillus, Yarrowia)

Yeasts constitute an industrially relevant heterologous expression system and are often the best solution to express some proteins. BiCT has the expertise and ability to perform process feasibility in different hosts: Pichia pastoris, Aspergillus and Yarrowia.

Through the technologies used, it is also possible to develop strains capable of expressing the proteins of interest without the need for expensive and hardly scalable inducers such as methanol for Pichia.

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    Development of innovative industrial processes enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic
    Fermentation development
    Enzyme immobilization
    Downstream Development
    Strain development
    Bioconversion development
    Heterologous expression
    Mutagenesis and evolution of strains and enzymes
    Analytical method development