About us


We are a team that believes in the positive impact of Evolution in harmony with Nature, to create a better future every day.

Doing business in an excellent, performing, useful, ethical and sustainable way.
It is possible, and we feel it strongly part of our DNA, committing ourselves every day with passion in our work, in line and coherence with the values that guide us.



We imagine a world where life can be better every day through sustainable innovation


Let's move the horizon a little further every day

Being innovative means knowing how to evolve what already exists in order to improve it, making a valuable contribution to health, the environment and sustainable development. We need to be dynamic and visionary, concrete and collaborative, competent and up-to-date. It is certainly not a small effort, but this is and will always be the heart of our activity.


It's time to choose the future we want

We work to give the word sustainability a concrete meaning. For us, sustainability means using biotechnology, creating scalable pathways for our customers, and designing products that improve people's lives and respect the environment. What the future will look like, we decide today and it's totally a choice in our hands.


Nature is the best Biotech company in the world

Nature is our continuous source of inspiration. Observing how it evolves and deploys strategies to improve itself is for us stimulus, teaching, reasoning. It is thanks to the evolution of our knowledge and technologies that we can understand it and try to reproduce it. A meeting of evolutionary stages, we could say, that of man and that of nature.


Well-being can only belong to everyone

It is no longer time to consider well-being in watertight compartments: this model of life and business is showing all its limits. For this reason, our work applies to all living beings, to mankind with pharma, nutraceutical and cosmetic development and productions, to animals for proper nutrition, to the environment using increasingly sustainable processes.


How do we innovate?

We turn ideas into real innovation, offering research services for the development of industrial products and processes, aimed at the production of microorganisms and bioactive molecules, such as prebiotics and probiotics, enzymes, hydrolysates, peptides and secondary metabolites. The research and development activity is lead by professional researchers and performed in high processivity screening: this innovative approach leads to improve the performance in the execution of protocols and to reduce time and costs.

Bict improves performance while reducing costs.


What will Bict be in 2025?

We believe that we should no longer move from the perspective of an economy of resources, but in an environment where it is the companies that are able to establish virtuous connections that achieve good results for the whole system.

Research and innovation are our driving forces: we want to offer increasingly green and sustainable solutions in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and veterinary fields, dialoguing with all companies that want to generate change and develop products and industrial bioprocesses that are good for the planet and all its inhabitants.

We will generate more and more green and sustainable changes.

Biotech partners, today

Today Bict is an important company in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and veterinary sectors; between employees and external collaborators, it counts on the contribution of more than 20 people, and the number is growing every year. Thanks to its complex skills and flexible structure, it can support customers in all phases of design, from feasibility studies to product and process optimization, up to technology transfer and industrial-scale production.
Bict believes in applied research: the 3600 square meter production facility in the Lodi area consists of an innovative, state-of-the-art R&D laboratory and a production area that operates in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The plant also has all the authorizations for the commercialization of food supplement ingredients, and the production in the veterinary field.

Successful start-ups, yesterday

Bict was founded in 2009 as a start-up company active in different sectors of the bio-industry, in particular in the pharmaceutical one, with the aim of allowing customer companies to have a competitive and sustainable R&D system. The production is therefore aimed at products for the well-being of people, cosmetics and veterinary field.
Since the early years of activity, Bict invests in automation, transferring the execution of laboratory protocols on robotic units. The results of internal research projects lead to the development of an industrial scale production line of hydrolysates and fermentation derived products.