How genetic engineering and the modification of microorganisms and enzymes help evolve your research and production

Mutagenesis is the basis of evolution

Bict deals with genetic engineering and modification of microorganisms and enzymes, to improve their activities and properties, and then develop a system optimized for the specific needs of the customer.
We perform both random and rational mutagenesis, through the use of bioinformatics tools, which allow targeted and functional modifications.
Through customized and efficient screening strategies, it is also possible to screen a high number of mutants simultaneously and identify variants with improved properties.

Mutagenesis can improve many activities

  • Increase the yield of biotransformation
  • Eliminate a side activity that generates impurities
  • Eliminate substrate inhibition
  • Eliminate product inhibition
  • Improve performance under specific conditions

Guaranteed return on investment

Working closely with development and using representative scale-up equipment, the team that handles the delicate transition to industrial production identifies critical parameters for industrialization and performs all technology transfer operations.

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    Development of innovative industrial processes enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic
    Fermentation development
    Enzyme immobilization
    Downstream Development
    Strain development
    Bioconversion development
    Heterologous expression
    Mutagenesis and evolution of strains and enzymes
    Analytical method development