At BiCT, we believe that quality and compliance of facilities and products are one of the key cogs in providing services and products that are competitive, innovative and exceed customer expectations.

We believe in quality management, environmental compliance and manufacturing excellence. That’s why we are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22716 certified.

Our Quality System covers all services and all business functions. Our risk analysis technique and procedures cover all production processes, from the start-up of a project to the production and distribution of raw materials. Our teams are dedicated to continuous improvement, to meet customer expectations and maintain customer confidence.

Finally, we are an establishment authorized to produce in the field of animal health according to Reg. 183 and we are recognized according to Reg. 1069.

  • Production quality

  • The quality of our products is guaranteed by the process controls. The production area is HACCP compliant, and are ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO22716 certified.

  • Development in quality

  • Our goal is to meet customer needs, ensuring and validating each scientific and technical step from project planning through to industrialization, including the selection of raw materials, formulation, production on a pilot scale, and stability studies.

  • Scale-up in quality

  • We pay particular attention to ensuring an effective and efficient technology transfer from development to industrial production – guarantee the reproducibility of our processes.