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Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein that offers many beneficial applications and effects: it supports the immune system, reconstitutes the intestinal flora, has an antiviral effect, restores iron deficiencies, to name a few.


The high quality ingredients of NZMP, the experience and innovation of Fonterra and the R&D team of Bict, guarantee a supply of excellent quality, which can be complemented by a full service for those who also want to develop an innovative reference with this multifaceted raw material.

Fonterra is a leading global supplier; supplying NZMP ingredients to approximately 130 markets worldwide.

NZMP ingredients are produced through Fonterra's very high quality standard processes, which harnesses New Zealand's extensive dairy knowledge. Fonterra's fully controlled and monitored supply chain is secure at every stage and ensures ingredient integrity throughout the supply chain, from farms to distribution and resale channels.


Our R&D team supports you from design to raw material supply and finally to the development of your lactoferrin product.

We are not just suppliers, but collaborators who work with you synergistically to innovate and ensure a consistent supply of bioactive raw materials.

  • Ensure a competitive, consistent and excellent quality supply of lactoferrin
  • Develop and produce prototypes for specific formulas
  • Ensure quality and safety
  • Provide test samples
  • Offer technical support, testing, research and development

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Lactoferrin, the ideal bioactive ingredient for your innovation

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    From research, the countless properties of Lactoferrin

    Since 1939, when it was identified for the first time by Sorensen in cow's milk, thanks to research lactoferrin has expressed countless properties: among these, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial characteristics, as well as prebiotic properties that act on the intestinal and skin microbiota.

    It is a very small glycoprotein - 703 amino acids with iron-transporting and immune action - derived from milk: it is present in large quantities in colostrum, very important for the protection of the newborn, but also in the adult organism, where it is part of neutrophilic white blood cells, and in which it flows through plasma, tears and saliva.


    Lactoferrin supports the immune system

    Lactoferrin is therefore an ancestral protection molecule, which optimizes and intervenes in an early way to support the human and animal immune system, regulating and controlling some substances that defense cells (granulocytes and lymphocytes) release sometimes excessively in case of disease, and that cause symptoms such as persistent fever, pain and sometimes tissue damage.

    Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal

    The main function of lactoferrin, or lactotransferrin, is that of iron homeostasis, i.e. the transport and regulation of iron concentration in the body. In fact, it binds to iron and transports it from the intercellular junction, where the exchange between one cell and another takes place, to the blood and vice versa.

    It is anti-viral and anti-bacterial: the bond with iron removes it from body fluids, preventing it from being a vector for many viruses, especially respiratory ones, and some bacteria. This process has proved effective against Herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus, coronavirus and HIV; it has also proved important in the fight against some mycoses, such as those caused by Candida.

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