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Boosts the microbiome

Assess the prebiotic power of your compound in the specific district of your interest.
Claim: it has a prebiotic activity, it helps to strengthen the natural defense of the skin
We can perform the prebiotic test on the specific district and microorganisms of your interest, calculating an index able to determine the ability of the product to unbalance the growth of good microorganisms compared to harmful ones. This activity can be evaluated by microbiological tests, but also by qPCR or metagenomics on samples derived from your in vivo studies.

Soothing activity

Measure the anti-inflammatory potential of your ingredient or product in the specific district of your interest
Claim: soothing, anti-inflammatory activity
We evaluate the soothing efficacy of a product on cell cultures. In particular, we evaluate the possible toxicity of the product through the colorimetric test MTT that allows to estimate the cell viability and therefore to evaluate the effect of treatment with the product to be tested. It is also studied the variation in the production of specific cytokines by the cell line used through the ELISA test. Different districts can be evaluated, such as the epidermis and the larynx.

Anti-aging activity

Establishes your product's ability to inhibit glycation
Claim: anti-aging action
Exploiting the fluorescence property of AGEs we have developed an in vitro test able to determine the anti-glycation properties of active compounds. With this test we can therefore assess whether a given product is able to inhibit the formation of AGEs and thus likely to slow down the normal aging process of the skin.

Antioxidant power

Two different tests that we can adapt to your needs
Claim: antioxidant action, anti-aging
For this activity we use different methods. With the TEAC method (Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity) we can determine the intrinsic antioxidant activity of various compounds. Through in vitro tests on cells we can also evaluate the protective effect of the product against the release of reactive oxygen species (ROS radicals). In this test a cell line is exposed to UVA radiation to simulate a stress situation and then treated with the target compound to assess its ability to reduce the release of these free radicals.

Antimicrobial and biofilm activity

An extensive strain collection to evaluate the activity of your product
Claim: anti-acne and deodorant activity
According to official methods we can confirm the antimicrobial activity of your product in different areas, such as the dermis, the oral cavity and the vaginal area. It is also possible to evaluate the properties towards biofilm, to confirm the ability to prevent its formation or promote its disintegration.

Antiviral activity

Test in vitro the activity of your product against different viruses and according to official standards
Claim: Antiviral activity
According to official methods we can evaluate the antiviral activity of your product towards different viruses, both in culture and on surfaces.

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