In vitro safety tests

The safety of your product is verified through appropriate testing: health comes first.


Product safety is tested through in vitro assays on reconstructed human tissue and cell cultures. Bict also performs microbiological safety and efficacy tests on finished products, in accordance with current legislation and internal protocols. Our researchers are at your disposal to verify the absence of toxicity, stability and compatibility of your product.


Your commitment to consumer safety
  • Cytotoxicity assay - MTT

    - To assess the safety of a product or raw material, we carry out various cytotoxicity tests. We can test the effect of products on cell viability and determine which concentrations are safe, also with a view to subsequent activity tests.
    The tests are directed at specific cell lines, chosen on the basis of the product's district of action.
  • Potentially toxic metabolisms - a focus on your probiotics

    It may be necessary to demonstrate the safety of your strains, such as the expression of DL-lactate racemase which leads to D-lactate accumulation and causes acidosis in infants, children and patients with short bowel syndrome. Absence of toxicity or even haemolysis activity may occur
  • Shelf life and product stability

    During product development or for formulation testing and shelf life validation, it is often necessary to monitor the stability of ingredients over time. Our laboratories can support companies in stability testing to determine and confirm the shelf life of products. We perform stability tests under both environmental and accelerated conditions and are able to monitor the stability of multiple actives and strains over time.

Want to test your product?

Everything is possible in vitro.