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History and Organization


BiCT was founded in 2009 as a start-up operating in the pharmaceutical sector, with the aim of leading any company to have a competitive R&D system. It counted four different working areas (Molecular Biology and Microbiology area, Purification and Biocatalysis area, Mammalian cell area, Chemical area) to follow customers project from the beginning to its completion, operating both at downstream and upstream levels.


Since then, BiCT has transferred on robotic units its protocols execution and the results emerged from its internal research has led to the development of a production unit of hydrolysates and enzymes. The company includes also a new pilot area dedicated to fermentation for the industrial-scale production.


Today BiCT is a Contract Research Organization counting 10+ collaborators and employees and has expanded its portfolio of products and services also to the cosmetic, nutraceutical and veterinary sectors. Thanks to its expanded structure can support customers projects from the feasibility evaluation, process and product optimization, pilot-scale production, to the technology transfer.

The transversal nature of our business skills makes our solutions practical and original.

Roberto Verga

Co-CEO and Business Development Manager

Degree in Biological Sciences with 25 years experience in the Italian pharmaceutical industry. Researchers at Farmitalia, project leader at Antibioticos SpA involved in cutting edge projects on the expression and purification of heterologous proteins in the therapeutic field produced in different hosts, including E. coli, yeast and mammalian cells as well as in the expression of secondary metabolites from microorganisms. Author of several patents and publications in the field of biotechnology applied to the production of active ingredients, he has made technology transfer on an industrial scale purification and industrial biocatalysis processes.

Silvia Rapacioli

Co-CEO and Marketing Manager

Degree in Industrial Biotechnology and experience in several start-ups, also abroad. Researcher at Fusion Antibodies Ltd. (Belfast – NI), Antibioticos SpA and TOP srl, she has been working in different realities by acquiring skills in various fields, from the production of heterologous proteins in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells, such as monoclonal antibodies, to the generation of reporter mice. She was involved in the technology transfer of several processes on an industrial scale, both in the pharmaceutical and food related field. In 2010 she received the “MilanoDonna” award for his commitment to applied research to industry.

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