BiCT offers a broad range of high throughput screening protocols based on automation, the range goes from molecular biology, to fermentation, purification and Biocatalysis. The proprietary scripts and protocols have been developed on robots equipped with automatic liquid handling units.


The HTS approach by BiCT has three main advantages:

  • 1. Out of the box

  • We don ‘t find a good result, we deliver the best result
    due to the application of High Throughput Screening and Design Of Experiment, the number of variable tested permits to achieve the best results possible.

  • 2. On Quality

  • The results we deliver are results you can rely on
    the precision of robotic units is very high and the reproducibility is extraordinarily performant.

  • 3. On time & On cost

  • The time and cost of screening are highly reduced in comparison to “standard” approaches

We give your ideas the best chance of becoming real innovation,

applying automation as a key element of development. 



Do you want to develop your process, your product or your assay?