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CRMO operating in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and animal wellness sectors


We offer research services for the development of industrial products and processes, aimed at the production of microorganisms and bioactive molecules, such as pre- and probiotics, enzymes, hydrolysates, peptides and secondary metabolites.

Our facility is developed on a newly built area of 2000 m2 and includes a research laboratory and a production area of industrial scale.

All proposed activities are designed by professional researchers and performed in high processivity screening.

This innovative approach leads to an increase in performance in the execution of protocols and a reduction in time and costs.


On quality, On time, On cost, Out of the box

Our products

Innovative and natural raw material for human and animal well-being

Line of sanitizer based on Lactive with antimicrobial action

Medical devices for barrier protection against bacteria and viruses

Our services


BiCT offers services for the development of competitive and sustainable

industrial bioprocesses using automation for high-throughput screening.

Development and Innovation of Industrial Processes

Bioassays and Antiviral Activity Assessment

Development of strains and fermentation protocols

Heterologous expression and mutagenesis

Enzymatic Assays

Development of analytical methods

Enzyme Immobilization

Biomolecules purifications



The BiCT approach to quality is aimed at customer satisfaction and  consumer health. Our risk analysis techniques and procedures cover all production processes, from the start up of a project, up to the production and distribution of raw materials. Our teams are dedicated to continuous improvement, to meet customer expectations and maintain their full confidence.




BiCT offers a broad range of high throughput screening protocols based on automation, the range goes from molecular biology, to fermentation, purification and Biocatalysis.
The proprietary scripts and protocols have been developed on robots equipped with automatic liquid handling units.


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